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Micrometer least count formula and how to calculate least count

Micrometer least count formula

Here you can find ''Micrometer least count'' formula and what is Digital micrometer.

What is micrometer?

As the name of the micrometer suggests only Micro means the smallest thing can be measured by it. From 0.1 mm to micrometer Measure the measure of 100 times less.

Uses of micrometer.

The use of the micrometer is used to measure length diameter and thickness of any small object. And it works on the principle of Nut and Bolt. And its ''least count'' (reads at least the readings easily)

it happens 0.01 mm OR 0.001 cm. The circular scale is of 100 mm.

Theory of Micrometer-

If we have any thin sheet, then we can extract its thickness too. If we have any thin sheet, then we can extract its thickness to. For this we need screw gauge, it is also called micrometer.

Why is its name screw gauge (micrometer)? gauge means the diameter of something or how thick it is to measure it and The screw meant that the texture is like a screw So its full name was screw gauge.

What are the things we need to calculate the thickness of any object.

First need screw gauge second The object of which is to get us thickness And the third meter scale.

The screw of the screw gauge is rotated when clock wise.Then it goes on wards. And When it is rotated anti clock wise. Then it goes backwards. The circular which is made in the micrometer He passes near. And The space between all these is equal to one.

The interval of the upper end between these two circles is the interval.We call them the gap between these two circlet intervals. Or It is also called pitch.

When we rotate one round to the circular scale, the clockwise or anti clockwise So this 0.5 mm to 1 mm will move forward or backward. Circular scale consists of 0 to 100 marks, This means 100 divisions on this circular scale.

Usually measured in millimetres (mm). A pitch of a screw gauge can be 0.5 mm or 1 mm. Screw gauge can be 0.5 mm or 1 mm according to the pitch Then the number of circular division can be 50 divisions or 100 divisions.

When we rotate one round to the circular scale So far as the linear scale goes forward or behind, it tells the pitch. Or can say that the distance between the circlet is called a pitch. In the screw gauge we have, the distance between the two circlet is 1 mm. The circular scale has been divided into 100 parts.

When we rotate this whole round, then it goes 1 mm forward or backward. It means it's the least number of counts 100 mm of 1 mm or 1/100 means 0.01 mm.

least count =  1 /100 =  0.01 mm.

If you rotate it half way Then it goes 0.5 mm forward or backward. It means  the least number of counts 50 mm of ०.5 mm or ०.5/50 means 0.01 mm.

least count =  0.5 /50 =  0.01 mm.

Main components of Micrometer-

main components of micrometer

1- Sleeve (main scale is above it)

2- Lock nut (Lock nut is used before reading, so that it does not shake)

3- Spindle (It is attached in the right side of the micrometer and it moves towards left and right.)

4- Anvil (It is located in the left side of the micrometer and it fixes in one place)

5- Frame (This is frame of micrometre. All components are connected to this frame)

6- Thimble (this is connected with the sleeve and has circular scale in it and circular scale is 50 mm scale)

7- Ratchet stop (This works to move the spindle)

How to calculate the least count of Micrometer?

When the thimble is rotated half the spindle then the spindle goes 0.5 mm further. We call it pitch. Then the number of division on the circle scale will be 50 mm.

least count of micrometer.

'' Least count '' = pitch of the micrometer / number of division on circle scale

Least count = 0.5/ 50 = 0.01mm

This is the Least Count (minimum count) of the micrometer.

When a full round of thimble is rotated then the spindle goes forward 1 mm. Then the number of division on the circle scale will be 100 mm. Then it will be Lest count 0.01 mm.

'Least count' = 1/ 100 = 0.01 mm

This is the Least Count (minimum count) of the micrometer.

The low count = 0.5 / 50 or 1/100 = 0.01 mm or 0.001 cm.

How to read Micrometer reading?

We have to use a formula for reading Micrometer.
Dimensions  measured = Main scale reading +(Thimble scale reading 🗙 Least count)

We will have to use this method to measure any readings in Micrometer.

Micrometer least count formula

As shown in the diagram Here we keep a small component between spindle and anvil. And set it with the help of thimble. And lock it with the help of lock nut. Then we read the main scale that (5 + 0.5) That is Our main reading is 5.5 mm.The reading of thimble scale is 28 mm. 

We will set this reading in the formula.

[ Dimensions  measured  = main scale reading + (thimble scale reading 🗙 least count) ]

Dimension  measured  = 5.5 mm +(28 mm 🗙 0.01 mm)

Dimension  measured = 5.5 mm+ (0.28 mm)

[ Final Dimension  Reading = 5.78 MM  This is  final reading of our component.]

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