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IIT full form in english what is iit?

IIT full form in English what is iit? Here you can find what is in English and how to do it.

IIT full form in english what is iit?

IIT - Indian Institute of Technology

Today, we talk about the career option whose name is heard and people say that this is a very difficult task and if the person who has done this work is great, today we will learn about IIT in this post, what is this courese IIT? How to do it? How old is this course?

IIT institute is considered to be the best to get the education of engineering. The best thing is to get admission in the iit institute is also difficult, in this you have to work hard for entry and that is why millions of students work hard every year If you want to make your career in engineering filled, then you should know well about it.

--what is IIT?

IIT - IIT's full form Indian Institute of Technology is called Indian Institute of Industrial Technology in Hindi. iit exam is commissioned every year, you can do it after 12 th. There is a total of 23 iit colleges in India, in which you will get after passing the iit exam to take entry. Every year about 1.5 million people take part in the exam at IIT.

To get admission in iit from 2013, it is tested in two parts Jee Mains and Jee Advanced. If a student wants to take the IIT exam, then he has to give Jee Mains paper first, after qualifying in it, you can take the exam in Jee Advanced. Every year, about 1 lakh students sit in exams at Jee Advanced. It also provides some relief to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC / ST) and the handicapped.

People get a package of crores by doing engineering from IT. Good good engineers are made by iit college and those countries go abroad and earn a lot of money, physics chemistry and mathematics questions are asked in iit exam and preparation for iit exam There are many training centers for which you can take training by visiting.

--IIT - What are the advantages of doing IIT?
If you do IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) then what are the benefits of this

With the help of IIT, you are also given a lot of facilities, you get good LAB to study and also the facility of computer center.

In IIT, the student gets to learn a lot of things apart from engineering and research. You are also taught about Management and Social Skill.

Getting Respect If you do IIT and your FAMILY and friends get to know about you, then you get a lot of respect in them and get a lot of respect.

After doing IIT, you get a good job easily and your good place is also placed.

--What should be the qualification for IIT?
For this, after passing the 12 board exam, you can go to this exam. This exam is done in two parts, the first Jee Mains and Jee Advanced-

First of all, if a student wants to participate in the iit, then he must first give the paper of JEE MAINSE, after it is qualified, he can apply for jee advanced, more than 1 lakh students sit in jee advanced.

In this, you have to give two types of paper, the first paper BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and B-TECH (Bachelor of Technology) in it questions are taken from maths chemistry and physics, every question is of four options, it has 90 questions. Is and its integer is 360.

And speaking of Second Paper, B.Arch & B.Planning consists of 30 questions of Math which are of 120 numbers and Aptitude has 50 questions which are of 200 numbers. And there are two questions of drawing which are of 70 number. And its time period is 3 hours.

--How to prepare for IIT Exam
When you start preparing for IIT Entrance Examination, then you should not compare yourself to anyone else because it does not matter how much someone is good or bad at reading from you, so focus your attention on yourself and your focus and your self The goal is to make my goal that I have to come on top in the ranking of iit entrance exam.

If there is no shortcut to success, then you should study well for the preparation of iit exam and study with full concentration.

Questions are asked from Mathematics chemistry and physics for IIT exam, in these SUBJECT you have to be the best.
Whenever you prepare, take your own exam, solve the old model papers and solve them on time and then you check how right you are.

The time given in any exam is very important, understand the time given in the exam, calculate it and the time that has been given to you, in that time you have to solve all the questions, for that you prepare yourself for this.

You always keep self-confidence high and maybe you do not get success at one time, then never let your spirits fall in AC Situation, but by correcting your mistakes, make yourself capable for the future.

Meet the students who have done IIT QUALIFY and talk to them about exam related to iit, you will get a lot of help.

For good preparation, it is important to have good health, so you should also take care of your health so that you will get help in achieving your goal.

Planning for success is very important, so you should plan it like how many hours you have to study, when to study, what to do, and make a good list of all these things.

Questions are asked from 11th and 12th in the IIT exam, so keep your studies in mind that you have to give the exam for the iit entrance, so that you can get a lot of help in the iit exam.

If you have to take the exam of iit, then you are always watching its latest updates, from the year 2019, the exam of iit will be held twice. In the first exam, the student was given a chance 3 times, but now a student can take the exam 6 times in the iit exam. What is an IIT? How to do it? How old is this course?

So you have a lot of opportunities to do IIT QUALIFY, even if you are not successful at one time, then there is no time, you have a lot of time, if you preparetion for the next year exam, you will definitely get success.

If you are preparing for iit or want to do, then you should take care of all the things given in this post.

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