5s meaning and 5s is called good working and safe working of your workplace - Quality Management motivational Quotes status, suvichar images


5s meaning and 5s is called good working and safe working of your workplace

5s meaning

What is the 5's meaning?
5s is a Japanese technic - under which 5s is called good working and safe working of your workplace, machines, equipment etc. through the cooperation of management and Employee.

Mainly in the 5s (5s meaning) workstation is to establish a thoughtful route for establishing and maintaining order. It can be obtained in 5 steps respectively.

The 5 steps of 5's are as follows.

In japani language - 


In English language -

1s - sort 
2s - set in order
3s - shine 
4s - standardize
5s - sustain

In short way of 5's(5s Meaning).

Short- Whatever is useful, remove it from the rest.

Set in order- Everything should be in place and everything should be in its place.

Shine- Cleaning the area where you have the need.

Standardize - Follow the rules and apply them Give a name to what the place is.

Sustain- Repeat this every day and make it a habit.

''While implimenting 5s, keep these things in mind''
5s (5s Meaning ) must be implimented in order. No person can start the first 1s after doing 2s or 3s. If you want to do 5's in the store department in a company, then there should be a system where there should be a place to keep the incoming goods.

Checking should be done from time to time to avoid any confusion. To make the system strong, it is very important for all people to be involved, all have to work with the system, only then you will be able to impliment it.

How to implement?

Management should impliment the 5s method to reap the benefits. After taking the decision to adopt 5s, everyone should be told about it, it should be related training like what is the 5s, how is it implimented, what is the benefit of it and what can be the harm or harm if not doing it.

The action plan is then presented to start 5s.

Like - in which situation we are in present time, where do we have to reach and how to impliment.

How to do 5s.

1. Remove what we do not need from there.
2. All things should be put in place and space should be set for them. Keep things in place, do not spread them.
3. Keep cleaning your work place and refuse to dirty others, tell them about 5s.
4. We should follow these rules continuously.
5. Give suggestion  and kaizen.

Benefits of 5's-

Many advantages Of 5'S.

1. The work is simple, which increases the employee's interest in the work. 

2. Every work is done in a convenient and safe manner, so that there is no possibility of accident.

3. Working together brings prosperity in mutual brotherhood. 

4. Improvement in work-life increases employee's mood. 

5. The quality of production increases.

6. 5s is an essential part for the development of each and for the continued progress of the institute.

7. Saves significant time.

8. Helps to easily identify wastage and deficiencies.

9. Provides us a clean and tidy environment for working.

5's loss of loss.

What problems can occur if 5s (5s meaning) are not done correctly.

1. Unsafe work place.

2. If an auditor or customer comes then he may be dissatisfied.

3. It takes time to find anything which causes tension in the working people.

4. One can face great loss due to not getting it at the right time.

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