How to avoid coronavirus Complete information about corona virus - Quality management and cute images meaning in Hindi


How to avoid coronavirus Complete information about corona virus

How to avoid coronavirus Complete information about corona virus

How to avoid coronavirus Complete information about corona virus
Coronavirus  - After the coronavirus reaches the human body, the coronavirus infects the lungs. This causes fever first, followed by dry cough. There may be problems with breathing later.

It takes about five days for the virus infection to start showing symptoms. However, doctors say that in some people, its symptoms may be seen even later.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it can take up to 14 days for the virus to reach the body and show symptoms. However some Researcher believe that this time can be as long as 24 days.

The corona virus spreads more than the body of those with signs of infection. But many experts believe that this virus can spread even before a person becomes ill.

The initial symptoms of the disease are similar to cold and flu, which can easily be confused.

This virus spreads more quickly among older people

Older people are already suffering from respiratory disease (asthma) due to coronavirus infection, people facing problems like diabetes and heart disease are more likely to become seriously ill.

The treatment of corona virus is based on helping the patient's body breathe and the body's immunity

(Immunity) should be increased so that the person's body is able to fight itself with the Coronavirus.

Work is still underway to make Coronavirus vaccine.

How is coronavirus spread? -

When someone who is infected with Coronavirus (coughing or sneezing) coughs or sneezes, very fine particles of his spit are spread in the air. The corona virus is spread through these tiny particles.

 When a person sneezes, more than 3 thousand particles of droplets come out of the body at one time.

These particles can enter your body by way of breath when you go to an infected person.

Sometimes these particles can fall on ClothS, door handles and your belongings. 

If someone puts his hand in that place and then that person touches his eye, nose or mouth with the same infected hand then he may get Corona virus infection.

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How to avoid Coronavirus?

Follow this habit, you will remain SAFE.

1. Clean the hands thoroughly.

2. Use a handkerchief when you sneeze.

3. Do not TOUCH FACE.

4. Talk to someone by making a distance while talking.

5. Do not go out without work, stay at home.

6. Avoid talking to the sick man and make a distance.

7. Use mask on face while going outside in public place.

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