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MSA full form in English measurement system analysis

MSA full form in English measurement system analysis

MSA full form

Quality management Is ISO / TS 16949: 2009 (ISO / TS 16949: 2009 has been replaced in IATF 16949: 2016) Quality management tool has five core tools.

MSA-Its full form measurement system analysis

If measuring is used to guide decisions, then it follows logically that there is more error in the measurement, and there will be more error in judgment based on those measurements.

Measurement system analysis to achieve qualification to the measuring system for use by measuring its accuracy and stability.

Measurement System Analysis is an important first step that must be taken before any data-based decision is taken.

-Basic Principles of a Good Measurement System Analysis-
In this, to capture the variation of the measurement system, which instrument we are using, it should be sensitive which means our tolerance.

10 to 1 rule = instrument means if a parameter is tolerance dialed to 10 microns, then the list count of your instrument is 1 micron. This is our sensitive requirement. It is also called 10 to 1 rule.

-Accuracy and precision-

Accuracy and precision are not equal, in the picture the target point is given inside the circle and dot dot is given some point which is very close to the target point.

Accuracy means how close our points are to each other. And accuracy means how close it is to the center or to the target value.

1 - Accuracy and precision - It means there is accuracy in it. Here all the points are near each other. And precise means is near the target point.

2- Accuracy and Not precise - It means there is accuracy in it. It is near the target point but not precise. This points are not near each other, it is far away.

3- Not Accuracy and precise - Here it is precise but there is no accuracy because it is far from the target point and precise because its point is close by.

4- Not Accuracy and Not precise - There is no accuracy and not precise because it is far from target point and points are also far away.

-What is variation in Measurement System -

It has 3 types of variation 1-accuracy 2-stability 3-precision
To check accuracy, we do a bias study and do a linearity study. We do Repeatability and Reproducibility study to check the precision.

Bias - Also known as Accuracy, the distance between the Average value of Measurement and the "true" or "Actual" values ​​of a sample or part is called bias. This is also called error.

Linearity - If we have taken a scale and the range of that scale is from 0 to 200 mm then we will check the bias in different points in the range of 0 to 200 mm and if the scale bias is zero in each point we will It will be called linear. And if our bias is not zero, then it will be called non-linear.

Stability- If the same inspector is reading from instruments at different times than the same gauge, then we will call that study a stability study.

Repetability - In this, we check the same part many times by the same man with the same instrument and same gauge, and this study is called Repeatability.

Reproducibility - It repeatedly checks different inspector reading. For this, the same instrument and parameter should also be the same and the part should also be the same. We call this the Reproducibility Study.

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