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8D Full Form problem solving techniques

8D Full Form problem solving techniques-

8D Full Form problem solving techniques

The Ford company started a problem solving process in 1980 which is known as 8D or Eight Discipline.After using 8D, it proved to be so effective that it was made a primary document by the ford company and ford company continues to use 8D problem solving techniques even today.

-8d full form-

D1-Define The problem
D2- Build a Team
D3- Containment Action
D4-Determine the root cause
D5- Verify the root cause
D6-Permanent Corrective Action
D8-Congratulate the team

By this, we can improve the quality continuously by eliminating the causes of the problem.This helps in solving the problem. With this 8D we can solve the problem coming in future or present.

-When should we use 8D - When it becomes clear that there is a defect in our product and it is not satisfying our customer then we use 8D problem solving techniques to improve the quality.

D1-Define The problem
Define problem

D2- Build a Team
Team up

D3- Containment Action
Taking Action Interim Containment Action (ICA)

D4-Determine the root cause
Determining Root cause

D5- Verify the root cause
  Verifying Root cause

D6-Permanent Corrective Action
Taking Permanent Corrective Action (PCA)

Prevent or prevent

D8-Congratulate the team
Congratulate the team

-How to use 8d-

D1-Define The problem -
Do we know what is the problem in actual. And have we faced such a problem even before this? What evidence do we have related to the problem.

D2- Build a Team -
Once we get to know the problem, then we must make a team that can catch that problem. And it should be a team of people who have skil and knowledge related to this problem.

D3- Containment Action-
An action should be taken immediately so that work can be started and do we have stock in more qty so that there is no effect on our production.

We have to keep in mind that whatever we are manufacturing, we are not facing the same problem or we have taken some action to solve the problem that is not being generated.

D4- Determine the root cause-
Have we found the cause of the problem and is there a reason for this problem or more than one.

D5- Verify the root cause -
Are we sure that the root cause we have discovered is the real cause of that problem.

D6- Corrective Action-
We have told everyone about the permanent action that we have taken and to review the root cause and update in fmea and remove the temporary action we had taken.

D7- Prevention-
We have taken all action to prevent that problem so that the same problem does not come again, we have considered the problem from the same product and process.

D8-Congratulate the team -
Giving feedback to the team, making each team member identify about the contribution made to the problem and applauding the efforts of the team member to solve the problem and celebrating with the team after being successful.

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