isi full form in english Indian Standards Institute - Dear Hindi- Meaning in Hindi


isi full form in english Indian Standards Institute

isi full form Indian Standards Institute-

Friends, whenever we go to the market and buy any product, then we get to see the ISI mark but you should know about what this ISI mark is. How do we consider any item to be good or bad? What is the meaning of ISI mark?
isi full form
isi full form

-what is ISI mark?: -
ISI has the full form of Indian Standards Institute ( Indian Institute of Standards ). This is a standard that a company gets for a product is called isi certification or isi mark. It was established in 1955. It is the largest recognized mark in India.

It is an institute of the government where the product is made, it is tested properly if you are making any product and if you want to show that your product is 100% safe,

 To prove that it is of good quality, you will have to apply to the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) and there you will have to submit a sample of your product.

He will pass every test on the sample, meaning that he will be passed through the test in every way, if that product passes every test, according to the standard of the product, all the tests he needs are like heating, winding, low temperature and high temperature shorting etc. He is passed through all the tests.

When that product goes through 100% of every test in the Indian Standards Institute, then that company is isi certified for that product that your product is 100% safe, you can sell it from India.

-When taking any things, pay attention to isi mark: -
Whenever you go to take a product, if you see isi mark on that product, then you assume that your product is of good quality.

Apart from any product like plastic pipe, presser cooker, water tank, there are many products in which isi is marked.

If you buy such a product and you see that it is given an isi mark then you believe that this product has been given a certificate for this product by the government and this product has gone through every kind of test. isi full form in english

While taking any product, it must check this mark that this product is not certified. You can buy a product with isi mark without any worry, you need to take tension about that product.

Whenever you buy a product, you must see isi mark at that time. You will not see isi mark in every product, which isi mark products sold in the market are as follows- Electric Motor, Wire, Cable, Kitchen Gas and Automotive Tire, Switches, Cement ETC.

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