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08 March, 2021

tqm full form in English total quality management

TQM full form English
TQM full form - total quality management. The number of members in TQM is in any organization process in those organizations or any product service that is being provided on which they are working to always improve it. We keep trying to do this, we call it tqm - total quality management.

tqm full form in English total quality management
TQM full form

-principle of TQM- total quality management-

TQM is a management approach, its main focus remains on work to improve the quality of whatever work is being done in any department, whatever we are working on or to satisfy the need of the customer to satisfy the customer. Whatever we work for falls within the total quality management tqm.

In this, constant efforts are made to improve the quality of the product. In simple words, it is an AC process in which the management or the company continuously tries to give the best service to its customer.

In TQM we do production in such a way that the defect does not come only. We work on zero defect. The main work of TQM is customer satisfaction as well as zero defect. It is both interdependent.

When will the customer satisfaction? Any component which we sel any customer, there should not be any defect in that product. This is the job of total quality management. Customer satisfaction as well as zero defect. This is an AC process in which the error and defect is removed to provide a better product to the customer.

-TQM is made up of three words-

Total - All the members of the organization, people from lower level to lower level work to give satisfaction to all the customer, that means everyone has to be involved.

Quality - To meet the need of the customer, what is their requirement, to know them, to work on it and to satisfy the customer is the quality.

Management - How do we manage? We control the quality of manpower in our organization, this is called management.

-Development of TQM - Development of TQM.-

TQM is able to understand and rectify problems to meet customer needs. It makes the organization wider. Prior to tqm the quality test was usually done after the product was produced and production was stopped when a defect was found, causing additional costs and loss to the company.

The aim of tqm is to produce the right product in the first time and reduce the cost. tqm shows us the reason for each shortage so that there is no shortfall in production.

tqm emphasizes on Quality Assurance using simple process and constantly face changes in production and services through processes driven by improved and effective (operative processes).

It identifies the most incoming defect and provides a solution to remove and avoid those defects.

-TQM process (tqm) - pdca cycle.

Its process divides into four parts. It is PDCA- its full form is also called Plan, Do, Check, Act or PDCA CYCLE. How to work in pdca and how to implement this cycle. The first step in this is plan.

1-PLAN-plan we discuss all such as why, when, for what, what the name suggests, planning to do any work.
Whether it is your official work or household work, before doing any work, plan how to do that work, when to do it, why to do it, why do you have to do it, what tools do we need for that, how much do we need to get everything under planning? goes. order how much is how much production etc.

After the plan is done, that work is done which is our second step.
2-DO- Doing whatever work we have planned means Do In this step we impliment the plan and whatever changes are made, in addition to planning, it is documented.

3-CHECK- Whatever work we have done, according to the planning we will check whether it has been done correctly or not. Many times it happens that while correcting a work bydefalt another problem starts, we also have to check that according to whatever planning we had done, the work is right or wrong it all comes under check.

4-ACT- We worked according to whatever we had planned and then checked that any deficiencies left in it will come in the act. Action has to be taken on it again.

While correcting one work, if the other problem starts then it also comes into action.
We call it pdca - plan, do, check and act cycle.

PDCA in simple words- In the plan we will plan Do we will do that work, in the check we will check that work means that the work has been done properly or not and in Act we can do whatever problem was left while doing that work or generate new problem. We take action over that. After action, we plan again, then we will check that plan and take action on it. This PDCA cycle goes on.

-Elements of tqm -
1- Customer satisfaction Its main purpose remains that the customer should be satisfied.

2- Whatever work we do, it should not be done right in the first time so that after we make 100% defect free of the quality of any parts, then the defect is showing in it again. It is to be produced of better quality in the first time itself.

3- We should keep on improving something new every time, we should keep on continuingos improvement, we should take the data of the past for it and make some improvement in it.

4- Whoever is working there should work with a free mind and should continue to provide some suggestions, so that there will be improvement.

5- We should provide proper training, motivate people.

6- Feedback should be given after work.

- Benifits of tqm - Benefits of TQM -
1- There is a better connection between customer and management.
2-Teamwork gets better with its help.
3- Makes the company more senstive which will focus on the customer and this will make the company grow quickly
4.The probelems with the product will be less, because we carry zero defect in the first time.
5- Customer trust
7 increases the brand value.

-Limitations of TQM - Limitations of tqm-

1 - It consumes time and money. Consumption of time and money.

2- after applying tqm you cannot bring changes in it suddenly.

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